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    About us

    WorLin Education, China ( Worlin Edu China) is a professional organization in consultancy service of international education and online platform to assist international students to find the right course and university overseas study in China, and the platform of multilingual information release for china universities

    Having been committed to the development of studying abroad in China for 15 years, Worlin Edu China leads the world in Study abroad in China, it has 3 brands of online application platform, which are Besteduchina.com, Bestcollegechina.com, Chinauniversitystudy.com .We are dedicated in promoting international exchange and cooperation in education, to promote China education industry internationalization. WorLin Education China help international students to find the right way of overseas study in China and help them get admissions into China universities and colleges,  help China colleges and universities to promote international student recruitment and international exchanges and cooperation. 

    As an established specialist in study abroad in China, Worlin Education China has set up recruitment teamwork of joint collaboration worldwide. WorLin has a network of over 50 international student consulting centers located in more than 20 countries worldwide, including South Asia, South-East Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Europe, and America.

    By now, WorLin Education has recruited international students from more than 80 countries including from South Asia(India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh , Nepal , Bhutan ), South-East Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, etc), Africa continent ( South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Mauritius, Cameroon, Zimbabwe ,Sudan ,Ethiopia , Zambia, Tanzania, etc), Middle East countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Qatar,etc) , America continent ( Jamaica, Guyana,Bahamas, USA, Canada), European continent ( UK, Ireland,Portugal, Sweden, etc), Pacific Ocean continent (Papua New Guinea,Australia, New Zealand, etc)

    Our services:

    Professional counseling for International students intending to study Medical, Engineering   and Business Management programs, etc in best colleges in China in selection of courses and online application

    Enrollment  councelling service  for universities in China

    Admission and Visa Form processing, documents express delivery and online tracking parcel receiving status;

    Offering counseling service of visa application for international students

    Medical examination training councelling service including USMLE , PLAB Test

    Assistance to students for  internship or practice in China

    Assistance to manage and solve problems happen in China for students and universities

    Assistance to airport pick up and arrange accommodation and travel guidance


    2022 Admission is opening !

    Anhui Medical University

    Wenzhou Medical University

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