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    Accommadation information for Study in China

    Upon just arriving in China University, normally student can live in dormitory in the same day if the university is still on duty, but students have to live in hotel if it is so late to arrive in university, and next day morning student can come to university live in dormitory , then can go through make payment and registration

    Some universities require students transfer fees in advance before student reach university, then can arrange dormitory to the students

    For the persons who accompany students come to university, are not allowed live in dormitory with student, they shall arrange their living in Hotel

    Normally the international dormitory is on campus, attached bath room, air-condition, bed with required amenities and furniture, internet access, public Kitchen and Laundry, there is single room and double room options. Some universities allow foreign students rent house out of campus, but student is required to submit application to the international office after arrival of College


    2022 Admission is opening !

    Anhui Medical University

    Wenzhou Medical University

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