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Agriculture Degree Program in China - Animal Pharmacy

 1. Introduction

Animal Pharmacy is a newly opening discipline based on the current social market demand. The program mainly cultivates senior technical personnel equipped with the basic theory and basic skills of pharmacy, who can be engaged in pharmaceutical formulations, production development, drug residue inspection, drug marketing and drug administration and related work.

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic skills of animal pharmacy, receiving the training in various basic skills of animal pharmacy, accepting the training of scientific research thinking and skills, to strengthen the students' actual operation ability, innovation ability, have the basic ability of production management, quality control, design and development, supervision and management, rational drug use, teaching, scientific research in chemical drug, traditional Chinese medicine, biological products, biochemical products.

2. Training Objectives

Graduates should acquire the following skills:

1). Analysis and identification of pharmaceutical ingredients;

2. Test procedures and test techniques for animal drug;

3. Theory, production technology and quality control of pharmaceutical preparation;

4). The status of drug administration and related policies and regulations;

5). Application of animal drug and additives

3. Main Courses

Basic courses and professional courses

Domestic animal anatomy, histology and embryology of domestic animal, domestic animal physiology, veterinary microbiology and immunology, veterinary pathology, veterinary pharmacology, veterinary toxicology, veterinary medicine agent, analysis of veterinary drug, veterinary pharmacology, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, organic chemistry, basic biochemistry, veterinary drug processing, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy administration learn, animal medicine basic theory, Chinese medicine preparation technology, products of the traditional Chinese medicine quality control, biochemical pharmaceutical, biological products, learn and process science, molecular biology, genetic engineering pharmaceutical technology, etc.

Main practice teaching

Course practice: domestic animal anatomy curriculum practice, curriculum practice of domestic animal histology and embryology, curriculum practice of veterinary pharmacology, veterinary pathology curriculum practice, curriculum practice of biological products science and technology, veterinary pharmacy curriculum practice, course practice of veterinary drug analysis.

Production practice and graduation practice: production practice, graduation practice, graduation thesis, extracurricular innovative training, and social practice.

4. Employment Prospect

Graduates can be engaged in drug production, testing, sales, research and development or pharmacy related pharmaceutical formulations and production, promotion and development, operation and management, teaching and scientific research at pharmaceutical companies, health care companies, drug test departments, epidemic prevention station, modern farms, scientific research institutions, the administrative departments, etc. or independently research and develop animal pharmaceutical, to apply for a patent, independently construct a field to start a business independently.


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Full Scholarship is available for Medical Master, Phd,
Bachelor of Pharmacy, Medicine

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