• Beijing Forestry University

    Airport Pick-up Service - Beijing Forestry University, China

    1.For international students in Group

    Beijing Forestry University provides airport pick up service to international students in group from the local airport - Beijing International Airport to the campus. It is around 50 minutes from local airport to the University. But students should send detailed departure, transfer and arrival schedule to us minimum 3 days in advance so that the university can pick up without any delay.

    Airport Pick-up Service is only available on duty hours in Registration time

    2.For individuals 

    For individuals, the Airport Pick-up service whether available or not, you may send email to us to inquire. The student can come to university by taxi if the Airport pick up service is not available. It is around 100-110 CNY (Chinese currency cash is required) from local airport to campus.



    The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!


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