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    China University of Political Science and Law

    Cost for Study at China University of Political Science and Law

    1. Hostel Fee:  reference cost 9,000-10,500 CNY/ Year per person    
    2. Food Cost: reference cost 200 USD/Month
    3. Tuition Fee: 
    Master Degree / Postgraduate / PG Programs in English Medium:  
    87,000CNY/YEAR, Details please read at Master Degree Programs 
    Doctoral Degree / PHD Programs in English Medium: 
    99,000 CNY/ YEAR, Details please read at Doctoral Degree Programs
    Students are required to pay fees by Chinese Currency to the university upon students’ arriving in China and registration at university by themselves or Telegraphic Transfer through bank in US Dollar which equal value CNY to the university bank account. You shall make up the amount if the Currency Exchange Rate difference or intermediate bank service charge deduction upon your registration at the university.
    The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!
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