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    Donghua University

    Accommodation in Donghua University, China

    At Yan’an Road Campus 

    Donghua University (DHU) has 3 International Student Apartment buildings available on Yan'an Road campus. All the rooms are equipped with private bathroom, furniture, air conditioner, telephone, TV set, fridge and Internet jack. In the public areas, there are washing machines, microwave oven, hot and cold water dispenser and electronic stoves, common room, laundry service, self-study lounge and activity room. 

    At Song Jiang Campus

    Male Students: No.5 International Student Dorm Building 80 twin rooms. Each room is equipped with TV set, fridge and internet jack. A public bathroom and a public kitchen (washing machines, water dispenser, microwave oven, and electromagnetic stoves) locate on each floor. Electricity subsidies and hot water subsidies will be offered to each student, but extra utility fees should be paid by themselves. 

    Female Students: Teachers’ Home 50 single rooms. Each room is equipped with private bathroom, TV set, fridge, internet jack. There are public kitchens (washing machine, water dispenser and microwave oven) in the building.



    The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!

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