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    Why Study at Hebei University of Economics and Business, China

    Hebei University of Economics and Business is situated in ShiJiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, within easy access to Beijing (approximately two and half hours by train). Hebei University of Economics and Business covers an area of 2.3 million square meters, it has four campuses in different part of the city: the north, the south, the east and the west, the headquarter in the North campus. 40% of the area is the greenery patches so that it is praised as a garden campus. 

    1. History 

    Founded in 1953 as the ShiJiazhuang School of supply and sales administrated by Hebei Supply and sales corporation, the university brought together Hebei Financial Institute, Hebei institute of Economics and Trade and Hebei business college. Up to now, the University has a history of 55 years. The orientation and objective of the university: base on HeBei Province, insist on a development pattern of major on economics and administration; to give services to the economy construction and social development in the society; to put emphasis on the construction of undergraduate programs in the university, to expand the postgraduate programs; to focus on subjects or disciplines developments, improve the quality of education and the level of scientific research; coordinate the development of scope, structure, quality and benefit; to build a comprehensive, high quality and characteristic university, to move to the top group of all the universities in China.

    2. Discipline and programs 

    Over the years, Hebei University of Economics and Business has been cultivating students according to the need of the society and has achieved good fame. In 2004, the result of the evaluation by the Educational Ministry was Excellent. The University is implementing a second class administration; it has 15 undergraduate school and 4 teaching departments. Meanwhile, it has postgraduate school, continuing education school and economic management school (independent school). The undergraduate education comprises 48 specialties, the subjects covers the economics, management, law, art, science and engineering. The graduate school has 28 programs, among which four disciplines are the key ones in Hebei Province. There are 25,000 undergraduates and graduate candidates and oversea students are studying in the university. The number of the students studying at HUEB exceeds 31,000.

    3. Academic facilities and scientific research 

    There are more than 2,200 teaching and administrative staffs working in the university, among whom there are over 1,105 full-time professional teachers. More than 51% of the teachers have already got a senior title of professional post. And the university has a lot of postgraduate and PhD tutors and some young mid-aged teaching experts and some experts who take the advantages of compassionate allowance issued by the State Department.

    4. Great achievements 

    Hebei University of Economics and Business undertakes 323 items of scientific research projects In 2010, amount to 775 million, of which one item of national natural scientific research project, five items of national social fund project, nine items of humanity and social science project of education ministry, and one item of subject topic. By the end of 2006, the school has won three items of the third prize in the area of humanity and social science project among higher institutions, one item of the second prize and two items of the third prize for national statistical science and technology progress award. In addition to these prizes, it also won other awards reaching provincial level. 

    5. Communication and international cooperation 

    Hebei University of Economics and Business has established cooperative relations with various universities and institutions in America, UK, Russia, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, and Nepal. In 2003, the university began the cooperation with Mike Campany and set up the Mike-HUEB International Training Center and it became the first non-normal university taking teacher’s training program in Hebei Province. 

    From 2004 to 2008, we also developed cooperative education and inter-college communication with Drake University and Evangel University in America, University of Wales Lampeter, University of Wales Swansea, London South Bank University, Korean KunSan National University, Woosong University, Kwangju Women’s University. June 13th 2007, our University established the Confucius Institute with Kathmandu University, Nepal. This is the first Confucius Institute of our province. Many foreign students come to study specialty or Chinese in  Hebei University of Economics and Business every year since 1996. In recent years, our university propagates on overseas use all the changes. The well teachers, beautiful campus and better ambience of our university attract International students come from USA, UK, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia and Ethiopia.


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