• Huazhong Agricultural University

    Accommodation in Huazhong Agricultural University, China

    Huazhong Agricultural University provides International Student Apartments to international students. Well equipped Single Rooms and Double Rooms are available to international students living on campus. Rooms are all well equipped with Air Conditioner, separate toilet, separate bathroom, fridge, broadband Internet access and other facilities. There are notes for on-campus accommodation; students shall read carefully after reaching the university.

    Before Moving in

    Please check the appliances and furniture provided in the apartment with the list.

    Before Leaving

    If you are leaving for a few days, please make sure that there is nothing perishable in the fridge and no electric appliance plug-in.

    Always lock your door well when you are not in the apartment. You may inform the next-door student to keep an eye on your apartment. You may entrust it with the International Student Office for precious belongings you will not take with during your absence.

    Before Moving out

    If you are moving out, please clean the apartment and put everything back into place as when you moved in, especially the bathroom and the fridge, before return the key.


    During the period you are living in the apartment, you need to check the apartment electricity balance notice on the blackboard at the doorkeepers’. If your apartment is going to be out of electricity, please go to the Apartment Electricity Center for deposit on time. The Center will be closed on weekends and most of the time in holidays.


    The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!

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