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    Holidays - Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, China

    Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities respects the national legal holidays, Intentional students always have their winter and summer holidays. Within semesters holidays are arranged by university. During the holidays students may go to the place that they want or plan to visit their home countries. International students must respect the duration of holidays and must be at the University at the beginning of a semester. 

    The holidays are arranged in the following way:

    January 1st: New Year's Day-----3 Days

    April 5th: Tomb-Sweeping Day-----3 Days

    May 1st: International Labor Day -----3 Days

    June 9th (Chinese lunar calendar): Dragon Boat Festival-----3 Days

    Summer Holidays: About six weeks in July/August.

    August 15th (Chinese lunar calendar): Mid-Autumn Festival-----3 Days

    October 1st: Independence Day ----- 7 Days

    Winter Holidays and Spring Festival: About six weeks in January/February.


    Division of Academic Year and Semester: 

    One academic year cover two semesters

    For September Intake:

    First semester: September – mid of January 

    Second semester: March – mid of July 

    Every end of Semester there is examination

    For March intake:

    First semester: March – mid of July

    Second semester: September – mid of January

    Every end of Semester there is examination



    The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!

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