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    Why Study at Jilin University, China

    Jilin University is a leading national research university under the direct jurisdiction of China's Ministry of Education. Located in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in Northeast China, Jilin University is a comprehensive and national key university offers a variety of degree programs for international students. As one of the key research-oriented comprehensive universities directly under the Ministry of Education, Jilin University is strongly supported by state key projects such as “211” and “985”, and been molded into the largest comprehensive university in China in terms of its student enrolment.

    (1) History

    Founded in 1946 as the Northeast College of Administration in Harbin, Heilongjiang, Jilin University merged with many Universities and colleges and changed its name many times. In May 1948, the Northeast Administration College merged with the Harbin University and was renamed Northeast Academy of Science. In November 1948, the Northeast Academy of Science moved to Shenyang, Liaoning and restored the name of Northeast Administration College. In 1950, it was renamed to the Northeast People's University. After the Korean War broke out, the Northeast People's University evacuated to Changchun, Jilin. In 1958, it was renamed "Jilin University." In 2000, the Jilin University of Technology, the Bethune Medical University, the Changchun University of Science and Technology and the Changchun Institute of Posts and Telecommunications merged with Jilin University. On August 29, 2004, the University of Military Logistics became another campus of Jilin University. The Zhuhai campus was established in 2003.

    (2) Discipline and programs 

    Jilin University has seven campuses in six districts which are home to 46 colleges covering all the 13 disciplinary categories, including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, military science and arts, with 127undergraduate programs, 299 Master’s programs, 237 doctoral programs and 42 post-doc programs. There are near 69,000 fulltime students, with over 24,000 in master’s and doctoral programs, over 43,000 in undergraduate programs and over 2000 international students. Jilin University is molded into the largest comprehensive university in China in terms of its student enrolment.

    (3) Academic facilities and scientific research 

    Jilin University currently employs over 6,568 faculty members, including 2058 full professors. The university library claims a collection of 5.26 million books and is designated as the library of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and World Bank. It also serves as the Comprehensive Information Center of Liberal Arts of the Education Ministry, the only Foreign Scientific Text Book Center in Northeast China, and the National Humanities and Social Science Higher Education Books Import Center. It is one of the seven centers of China Academic Library and Information System (CALIS) Center in Northeast China. Jilin University has 1 national engineering laboratory, 2 national-provincial joint engineering laboratories, 6 state key laboratories, 1 national animal laboratory center, 1 national engineering research center, 11 key laboratories of Ministry of Education, 5 engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education, 23 open research laboratories and key laboratories of other state ministries.

    (4) Great achievements

    The total number of disciplines entering into 1% of ESI of Jilin University has increased to 6, which makes the ranking increase into 12 in all universities of Project 985. About 13181 pieces of ESI papers were collected at Jilin University, from which, about 82960 times were cited, ranking ninth in the Chinese University. There are 2309 pieces of SCI paper (2504 papers were included into document), ranking eleventh in all universities in China. Jilin University has 1592 pieces of EI papers, ranking thirteenth in all universities in China.  Also, there are 3 papers enter into the year of China's most influential international academic papers. There are about 1116 items of patent were applied including 764 items were authorized. Among all, there are one item won the Chinese patent award and one item won Invention Venture Award.

    (5) Communication and international cooperation

    Jilin University established a cooperative relationship with more than 187 universities and research institutions coming from 30 countries and regions, such as United States, Germany, and South Korea. Jilin University successively established inter school relations with many world-renowned institutions, such as Waseda University, Tokyo University in Japan, Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet Tuebingen in Germany,  University of Amsterdam in Netherlands, Tomsk University of science and technology in Russia, University of Florida in the United States , University of Waterloo in Canada, University of British Columbia, The University of Sydney in Australia, Simon Fraser University, Stockholm University, Korea University in South Korea and other world-renowned institutions.


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