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Management Degree Program in China - Media Planning and Management


Media Planning and Management cultivates special advanced skilled talents who are engaged in government and enterprise publicity planning department, professional media organizations, advertising companies, media planning company, company of culture transmission, marketing planning company, for media planning, production, editing and marketing work, including picture, video, text, and for the needs of the first-line positions like production, construction, service and management, have certain innovation consciousness and ability.

2. Main Courses

Network editing practice, filming and production of feature films, event planning and organization, all-media marketing, mass media monograph, media planning and marketing, media management learning and media psychology, advertising Conspectus, advertising planning and creative, advertising management, television and new media and advertising interactive communication planning, network media guide, modern business planning management course, public relations case course, news editing ability training course, advertising documents writing, planning book writing, plane advertisement design practical course, video nonlinear editing, practical eloquence art, social communication and human weakness.

3. Training Objectives

To train high-quality skilled talents with systematic basic theory knowledge of communication, master film making skills and the basic knowledge in economics, management, public relations and computer applications, grasp certain skills in media planning, design, communication and information processing, can adapt to the needs of cultural construction of business units and the community, for media management, project planning operation, organization and coordination, and audience research.

4. Employment Prospects

Graduates mainly engage in various types of media institutions, advertising companies, marketing planning companies and the publicity department of the government for copy writing planning, marketing planning, media planning, advertising planning, project planning, project management, management of the media, advertising sales, and so on.



2021 Admission is opening !
Full Scholarship is available for Medical Master, Phd,
Bachelor of Pharmacy, Medicine

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