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Scholarships for Foreign Students Study in China

Scholarship for fresh international student

1. Chinese Government Scholarship 

2. Provincial Scholarship / Municipality Scholarship

3. Scholarship of University

Generally, China universities offer Before Entrance Scholarship ( BES ) and After Entrance Scholarship ( AES ) for foreign students for Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree studies. 

For before entrance scholarship ( BES ), scholarship candidate selection will be based on your senior high school mark result or above for your undergraduate studies, based on Bachelor degree mark result or above for your Postgraduate study, based on PG mark result or above for your Phd study.  

For after entrance scholarship ( AES ), scholarship candidate selection will be Merit-based, which is based on the study result after every semester or academic year study at the University. 

Scholarship can be divided into two types for overseas students: full scholarship and partial scholarship. Full scholarship means waiver of tuition fee or waiver of tuition fee and accommodation fee. Partial scholarship is waiver of part of tuition fee or waiver of accommodation fee.






2021 Admission is opening !
Full Scholarship is available for Medical Master, Phd,
Bachelor of Pharmacy, Medicine

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