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    Why Study at Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, China

    Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) was established at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in April 2009, with strategic and financial support from the Shanghai Municipal Government. As a member of Shanghai's financial community, it strives to contribute to the development of Shanghai as a global financial center. SAIF is committed to developing top talent and cutting-edge knowledge, with a focus on Chinese markets and their global connections.


    Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) was established within Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in April 2009. It combines the best of Western and Chinese education systems along with exceptional resources and faculty to offer a world class education on the campus of one of China’s top universities. 

    The MF program has been the flagship program at SAIF since it first matriculated students in the fall of 2009. SAIF mission is to provide the best and brightest young individuals with the academic knowledge and professional skills needed to succeed in the global finance industry. 

    To achieve this mission, SAIF provide students with a curriculum rooted in modern financial theory, that delivers sophisticated quantitative and analytical tools and imparts state-of-the-art practical knowledge and skills to meet the rigors of today’s finance profession. Furthermore, the MF program is committed to fostering exceptional leadership and communication skills, the highest levels of professionalism, and an exemplary sense of social responsibility.

    (2)Discipline and programs

    Currently, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance has two full-time program which taught completely in English, one is Master of Finance and master of Business Administration. Both programs run for two years, aiming at cultivating forward-looking and innovative business leaders with financial expertise. More than just finance, SAIF offers a strong network of alumni to support your career. Whatever your prior profession is, SAIF paves the way towards opportunity in the financial world.

    (3)Academic facilities and Scientific research 

    Against the backdrop of Shanghai's continued growth as an international financial center, and with the goal of contributing to the prosperity of Shanghai's financial industry and that of the Greater China region, at Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, our world-renowned faculty is drawn from both academia and industry around the world. With wide-ranging and in-depth teaching experience as well as research expertise, the SAIF faculty is committed to providing talented students with a wide breadth of financial knowledge and business practices, more importantly, to encouraging student-faculty interaction and inspiring students, and developing them for the world of finance. SAIF is proud of keeping abreast of standards at top-tier business schools worldwide by creating a dynamic environment for education and research.

    (4) Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance Achievement

    Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance is one of the best business schools in China. SAIF faculty is committed to providing talented students with a wide breadth of financial knowledge. SAIF is in the right way to become worldwide gurus of finance, with expertise in both western and Chinese markets; has advanced curriculum in Finance; Virtual trading practice based on real-time stock fluctuations; a gathering of talented human capital, leads to the exchange of brilliant minds; Growing value of your degree, with the rapid growth of SAIF and Chinese financial markets; Tailor-made career service.

    (5)Communication and international cooperation

    Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance boasts a diversified student body and engages itself closely in the promotion of globalization since its inception. With a vision to become the world’s leading business school, SAIF has set up the Office of International Affairs to work on global initiatives and provide services to international students and scholars. 

    SAIF design various programs to maximize international students’ exposure, including student exchange programs, lectures by foreign industry speakers, networking opportunities, overseas study tours, and international events. SAIF explore in-depth cooperation with other universities/schools in the world through a number of partnership development projects, such as: Joint academic research, Programs containing an international module, Joint non-degree program development, Student internship exchange, Hosting overseas student groups and faculty visits. Constant and effective communications with SAIF partner schools allow keeping abreast with the latest trends in international business and financial education and understanding the needs of a more heterogeneous cohort.  


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