• Shanghai University of Accounting and Finance

    Accommodation in Shanghai Finance University, China

    Shanghai Finance University has different buildings/houses which accommodate international students. Dormitory rooms, either single or double, have been equipped with one or two single beds, a desk, closet, air-conditioner and bathroom with a basin, western toilet and shower. On each floor of the buildings there is a shared kitchen and a laundry area with washing machines.

    International House

    All rooms are well furnished and equipped with air-conditioner, internet. Our staff member at each building provides 24-hour services for security and consultation. The laundry service is available at the laundry room.

    International Exchange center 

    All rooms are well furnished and look neat and beautiful. There is a laundry room each floor with pre-paid washing machines



    The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!

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