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    Why Study at Shanghai University, China

    Brief Introduction about Shanghai University (SHU)
    Shanghai University is one of the nation's leading research universities. The university is amongst the list of Project 211 for top national universities. It is also the biggest institution of higher learning run by Shanghai Municipality. Its three campuses are in Baoshan, Zhabei and Jiading. The university has witnessed continuous progress and advancement, having a clear and vibrant educational mission, has far-sighted objectives to cultivate talents with all-around development, global perspectives and creative awareness. Shanghai University is also known for its vigorous international exchanges and cooperation.
    (1) History 
    Shanghai University was founded on Qingyun Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai in 1922 and was the outcome of the cooperation between the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party) and the Communist Party. Shanghai University was the top school in liberal arts, while Whampoa Military Academy was the elite academy for military training. However, Shanghai University became dominated by left wing factions sympathetic to the Communist Party of China. The old campus was destroyed during World War II. In 1983, the People's Republic of China government re-established Shanghai University by combining a number of existing tertiary and vocational institutions in Shanghai, including branches of Fudan University, East China Normal University, Shanghai University of Science & Technology, Shanghai Foreign Language Institute, Shanghai Mechanics College, Shanghai Fine Arts College, and the Shanghai College of Law  The university inherited the traditional focus of liberal arts, fine arts, business and law. Like many modern metropolitan universities, at the time of its re-foundation the university lacked a traditional central campus, but used a number of teaching sites spread throughout Shanghai contributed by the various tertiary and vocational institutions which had been merged to form the new university
    In 1994, a new Shanghai University was created by consolidating Shanghai University of Technology, Shanghai University of Science & Technology, the existing Shanghai University and Shanghai Science & Technology College. The new Baoshan Campus, located at Shangda Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, was constructed as the main campus of the consolidated Shanghai University. The other two campuses are the Yanchang Campus located in Zhabei District, and the Jiading Campus located in Jiading District.
    (2) Discipline and programs
    Shanghai University (SHU)has 28 schools and 2 independent departments, with 71 undergraduate programs, 174 master programs, 79 Ph.D. programs, 19 post-doctoral programs and 2 MBA programs. The Shanghai University academic spectrum is rich in various disciplines including arts, laws, social science, mechanics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science, computer science, material science, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering and electronic engineering. The university is striving to develop into a first-class comprehensive university in China with a high-level talents training system and a knowledge innovation system as well in proportion to the city’s position as a modern international metropolis. At present, Shanghai University has 4 key subjects of the Ministry of Education, 22 key subjects of Shanghai municipality, 4 superior subjects of Shanghai municipality, 5 characteristic subjects of Shanghai municipality, and more than 100 research institutes or research centers. Its current student body totals around 38000, of whom over 23036 are undergraduates, about 12181 are postgraduates.
    (3) Academic facilities and Scientific research 
    Shanghai University has 72 research institutes and an advanced high tech development park approved by the State Science Commission. Under the strategy of active involvement in China's economic expansion with technology and science research, the university has gained significant domestic and international influence in applied science research and fundamental science research.. Shanghai University is closely linked with the local community. The School of Life Science is co-founded with the local research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and The School of Film and Television Technology are supported by film, television and broadcasting industries. The university also has joint graduate programs in literature, economics, and law with the Shanghai branch of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Shanghai University’s faculty and staff provide a superior learning experience for their fine students who hail from every province and from over 100 countries around the world. 
    (4) Shanghai University Achievement
    In recent years, the Shanghai University ranks advanced in terms of scientific research funds, achievement awards and the number of academic theses. Shanghai University’s creative, interdisciplinary and international approach to research has led to many significant discoveries and creative works in science and technology, business, governance, public policy and the arts. More than 4000 brilliant professors and staff members constitute a diverse and dedicated team serving more than 37800 students. At the present, SHU is ranked among the universities with high-quality faculty members where more than 2800 full-time faculty members among whom 1763 has obtained doctoral degree, 6 are members of the Academy of Sciences of China and the Academy of Engineering of China, 596 are full professors and 934 are associate professors. At SHU, research strength is built on excellence and develops steadily. Up to September 2011, 4 disciplines rank top 1% worldwide, including Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Materials Science.
    (5) Communication and international cooperation
    Shanghai University is also known for its vigorous international exchanges and cooperation. So far the University has established academic links and cooperation with dozens of foreign universities, including faculty and student exchanges. Currently, over 3,000 international students are studying on Shanghai University campuses. Particularly, the university has cooperation with famous research institutions in the world such as cooperation between Shanghai University and Norwegian University of Science and Technology and SINTEF, Joint Application for International Cooperation of Shanghai University and Tokyo Institute of Technology. Since 2006, School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering has established cooperative relationship with Trento University, Italy, and 2 postgraduates have entered joint education procedure. As a member of cooperation, Shanghai University joined in the One Step Project of EU Erasmus Mundus Project in the charge of Professor Miliaresi in 2011. 
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