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Top 10 Programs, Career, Occupation in China

Top 10 Most Popular and Most Stable Occupation in future in China:
1. Civil servants
2. Lawyer
3. Teachers
4.  Doctor
5. Occupation planners
6.  Finance
7.  Community Manager
8.  Science and technology product R & D personnel
9.  Petroleum chemical industry senior technician.
10.  Language trainer
Top 10 Major Ranking in Highest Employment Rate in China
1. Geological Engineering
2. Port channel and coastal engineering
3. Ship and ocean engineering
4. Petroleum Engineering
5. Mining engineering
6. Oil and gas storage and Transportation Engineering
7. Mineral processing engineering
8.  Process equipment and control engineering
9.  Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
10. Audit
Top 10 Most Profitable Career in the future in China
1. Internet service personnel
2. Fund trust practitioners
3. Famous popular literature writer
4. Travel experience Division
5. Intellectual property lawyer
6. Biological medicine research and Development Division
7. Private health management division
8. Sports broker
9. Psychologist
10. Information Security Analyst
Top 10 Career in Highest Monthly Salary in China:
1. Software engineering
2. Finance
3. Electronic Science and technology
4. Water supply and drainage engineering
5. Information management and information system
6. Computer science and technology
7. Electronic information science and technology
8. Network engineering
9. Engineering management
10. Economics

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