• Tsinghua University

    Airport Pick-up Service - Tsinghua University, China

    1. For international students in Group

    Tsinghua University provides airport pick-up service to international students in group from the local airport - Beijing Capital International Airport to the campus. It is around 1 hour from local airport to the University. But students should send detailed departure, transfer and arrival schedule to us minimum 7 days in advance so that the university can pick up without any delay.

    Airport Pick-up Service is only available on duty hours in Registration time

    2. For individuals

    Individuals can apply for airport pick-up service in advance as well. The student can take taxi to Tsinghua University campus if the airport pick up service is not available. It costs about 80-110 CNY (Chinese currency cash is required) .


    The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!

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