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Universities & Programs in China for International Students


Universities for Medical Studies

Universities for Engineering Studies

Universities for Management Studies

Universities for Economics & Business Studies

Universities for Literature & Journalism Studies

Universities for Law & Politics Studies

Universities for Arts Studies

Universities for Education Studies

Universities for Science Studies

Universities for Agriculture Studies

Universities for Philosophy & Sociology Studies


Medical Programs

Engineering Programs

Management Programs

Economics & Business Programs

Literature & Journalism Programs

Law & Politics Programs

Arts Programs

Education Programs

Science Programs

Agriculture Programs

Philosophy & Sociology Programs 

Popular Courses:

Medicine and Surgery




Medical Laboratory

Medical Imaging

International Economy & Trade ( International business)

Business Administration ( BBA, MBA )

Tourism & Hotel Management






Civil Engineering


Telecommunication Engineering 

Computer Science and Technology

Software Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering

Electrical Engineering & Automation

Aeronautics and Astronautics

Chemical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Petroleum engineering

Industry Engineering & Management

Electronic Information Technology

Biotechnology( bio-engineering)

Marine engineering

Food Science and Engineering

Logistics Management & Engineering

New Energy & Environmental Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

Material Engineering

Network Engineering

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Big Data Science &  Engineering

Textile Engineering

Fashion Design and Engineering

Digital Media Technology

Geological Engineering

Information Security

Actuarial Science

Business Statistics / Analytics

Human Resource Management 

Public Management / Administration

International Law 

Journalism, Broadcasting and Television

Art Design

Industry Design

Horiculture( Agriculture )



2021 Admission is opening !
Full Scholarship is available for Medical Master, Phd,
Bachelor of Pharmacy, Medicine

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