• Xidian University

    Overseas Students at Xidian University, China

    International students are under the charge of the School of International Education established in 2008. It is authorized to enroll students supported by Chinese Government Scholarships, foreign government scholarships and business scholarships, and self-financed students. Till now, a total enrollment of more than 1,000 overseas students from 27 countries, such as the United States, Britain, Portugal, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kenya, etc., have been studying Chinese language and specialized courses at School of International Education. The school has established course modules taught both in English and Chinese for undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates. The international education has begun to take shape and formed its multiple-level training modes including Chinese language training, preparatory courses, undergraduate course modules in Chinese and in English, graduates and postgraduates in Chinese, and postgraduates taught in English.

    After years of development and Accumulation School of international education has formed a set of richness students’ activity calendar. SIE has its own student activities in each month during every academic year.

    At Xidian University we will support you in securing work experience, internships and volunteer placements which can help you to develop personal and professional skills that are highly valued by employers. At the same time, you will demonstrate your commitment to your chosen career path.

    You can talk to employers at our Careers Opportunity Fair which attracts 100+ exhibitors or at our career insight workshops for specific sectors. You may prefer to learn from an employer or alumni mentor that we pair you with. We also give you opportunities to gain confidence through our career planning workshops and you can benefit from our courses in employability, enterprise skills and career management as part of your degree scheme. We can help you find part-time work and volunteering opportunities in China and we also advertise thousands of internships and graduate vacancies.



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